Cognitive Therapies

Focus the Power of Your Own Mind

What are your techniques?

I use a variety of techniques including Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Psych-K. I tailor my therapeutic approach to each client to resolve his or her issues most effectively.

What issues do you treat?

I treat physical, mental and spiritual pain. Pain can be caused by beliefs and thought patterns that can be resolved with cognitive therapy. The effect of pain can be direct, causing negative emotions, or indirect, causing bad habits and behaviors. Treating the underlying subconscious issues will often resolve the problems you are experiencing.

What are the Benefits?

Overcome issues that have been problematic and program your own success.

  • Stopping Smoking
  • Weight Control
  • Overcome Fear and Phobias
  • Relief from Anxiety (public speaking, test taking, etc.)
  • Reaching Goals

What should I Expect?

With only one or two sessions you can see amazing results. Hypnosis is proven to help you reach your goals - with the power of your own mind. Tom incorporates the benefits of Psych-K which facilitates change at a deep level.

It is almost two years now and I am so very thankful that I came to see you that day in July! I tell anyone and everyone that asks me how I quit smoking all about my expereince with your hypnosis and keep hoping that they will make their way to see you too! This was life changing!


How do I Schedule an Appointment?

To schedule an appointment or place an order, please call Tom at 903-805-9442 or 903-593-6260. You can also email Tom at

What are your prices?

Cost is $100 per session.